LAG Guitars USA

10/1/10 Update: Our initial order of LAG Guitars has started to arrive in store. The remaining inventory is promised to be in hand within weeks. By placing a pre-order you are securing your desired model from this inventory. We are very excited to be one of the first dealers in the U.S. to offer LAG. Contact us at (816) 326-8200 or e-mail if you have questions before placing your order or about the status of an existing pre-order.

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For over 20 years, LÂG guitars have been the choice of guitar players throughout Europe. Designed in a small custom shop in the south of France, LÂG guitars are the perfect alchemy of thoughtfully matched components, carefully selected tonewoods and custom-designed electronics voiced to capture the natural sound of each guitar. Now, LÂG comes to America, so you can discover the guitar you’ve been waiting for.

LÂG Haute Couture workshop is located in Bédarieux, a wonderful area in the South-East of France, not far from the Mediterranean Sea, set among vineyards and olive trees... LÂG's philosophical point of view, our global strategy, with the help of talented designers and expert technicians, has always been to avoid stereotypes, exorbitantly priced and over-used guitar designs, and to bring some refinement and style to the guitar world.  After more than 25 years of experience and passion, LÂG is finally in America – thanks to a partnership with Korg USA. 

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