Lanikai Concert Banjolele LBU-C

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Lanikai Concert Banjolele (LBU-C)

Popularized in the roaring twenties and thirties, the banjolele answered the call from popular performers for greater volume. From there the unique banjolele tone solidified itself into the lexicon of ukulele music and remains instantly recognizable today. The head on the LBU-C is a Remo Fiber Skin (Fiberskyn) this provides a warmer, darker tone. Brian May of the band Queen used a banjo uke on "Bring Back That Leroy Brown" (Sheer Heart Attack). The Banjolele can also be heard on many George Harrison recordings. 

Model: LBU-C

Size: Concert Banjolele
Scale Length: 15.0"
Width at Nut: 35mm
Top: Remo Head
Back/Sides: Flame Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood
Electronics: N/A
# of Frets: 18
Machines: Vintage Brass Geared
Binding: Flame Maple
Includes Gig Bag