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Hatch Show Print Music Posters on Display
August 6th through September 30th
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BUFFALO KILLERS (Alive Records) @ RecordBar (KCMO)
w/ The Rich Boys & Poppa
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 Past Events:



On display May 7th through July 1st August 5th!
Artwork by the front man of DEVO comes to Kansas City

“We Must Repeat! Prints & Rugs”

Plus DEVO performed July 23 @ The City Market

DEVO Autographed Epiphone Guitar! Donated by Guitar Syndicate

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 Janesko Custom Guitars
4 Guitars are on display! Additional Janesko merchandise is available through

"For a second I believed that Sabbath was a one man band." - J. Brashaw, Westword Backbeat 





On Display March 4th through May 6th, 2010
Carl Lundgren's Rock Concert Posters: Classic, Psychedelic & New

(Detroit, MI)

Lundgren is an American fine artist and illustrator, primarily known for his 1960s-era rock posters and fantasy art. Lundgren had an early interest in becoming a fantasy artist and illustrator like Frank Frazetta, his idol. In 1967 Lundgren met rock poster artist Gary Grimshaw, who was illustrating posters for a Detroit rock venue called the Grande Ballroom. Grimshaw offered him a job, and Lundgren went on to create poster art for seminal bands such as The Who, Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd. These posters have since become highly collectible. 



RecordBar performance later that night! (1020 Westport Rd.)

As seen in

SST Records
’ JAMBAND, JAZZ, FUNK, PSYCHEDELLIC & AVANT GARDE artist Greg Ginn & The Taylor Texas Corrugators featuring DIY guitar legend Greg Ginn is heading your way! Ginn's music today is right in line with bands/artists from the roots as in Grateful Dead, Tea Leaf Green, Delta Nove’, Railroad Earth, etc. Greg Ginn began in 1976 and hasn't stopped since! Over the past two years, Ginn has performed 200+ dates while steadily touring across the US promoting both groups and last year’s CD release of JAMBANG’s “Connecting” and Greg Ginn & The Taylor Texas Corrugators’ “The Goof Off Experts.” Tracks can be heard and are available for FREE download at


Greg Ginn & The Taylor Texas Corrugators Biography: Greg Ginn & the Taylor Texas Corrugators are an instrumental group that incorporate many styles into their music. Rock/jazz/country/blues/latin/ psychedelia all find their way into the mix. On the two studio recordings (Bent Edge released in 2007, and Goof Off Experts released in 2008), Greg plays all of the instruments except drums. Live, the Corrugators are quite a different proposition. Playing about 150 shows (most of them opening for JAMBANG) in the last year, the group played 100% improvised sets. On this tour, look for the Corrugators to introduce some sound loops into a portion of the set at times. For the tours Ginn is playing bass/guitar and has enlisted JAMBANG member Gary Piazza on guitar, and New Moonson’s Sean Hutchinson on drums.

"Greg Ginn is complicated — and misunderstood..." - Ryan Ritchie, LA Weekly

"Ginn shows little or no interest in riding the gravy train of the nostalgia circuit." - Seth Graves, Nashville Arts


Guitar Syndicate donated a Guitar for the Silent Auction.