Elixir Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings Light

SKU: 12052
UPC: 733132120529

Light Gauges:  .010  .013  .017  .026  .036  .046

With Elixir Strings, the tone lasts 3-5x longer than ordinary strings. This means you buy fewer sets of strings, change them less often, and trust that your guitar is ready to go when you are.

Elixir Strings coats the entire string, not just the wrap wire. This prevents corrosion and contamination from accumulating on the surface and, most importantly, from collecting in the space between the windings.

Elixir Strings are available in two different 'flavors'; Polyweb Coating and Nanoweb Coating. Both feature the same patented protection and deliver the same extended life, but differ in tone and feel.

      Original POLYWEB Coating...
         •    Has a balanced tone and smooth response
         •    Feels comfortably smooth and reduces finger squeak

      Ultra-thin NANOWEB Coating...
         •    Has the bright tone and punch of non-coated strings
         •    Feels like traditional strings

A note about string gauges:

String gauges typically change based on the style of music. Do you bend your strings a lot? Play hard rhythm? The answer to these questions relate to what's the best gauge for you.

Typically, jazz uses .012 gauge, heavy blues uses .011 and .012 gauge and country chicken-picking tends to use .009 or .010 gauge. (Note: The gauges mentioned here refer to the thickness of the high E or 1st string in the set.)

The lighter gauges work best for beginners because they can be easier on your fingers. It's important to have your guitar professionally set up, especially if you're changing your string gauge. If you're new to changing guitar strings and have questions, feel free to e-mail or call us here at the Guitar Syndicate.