Danelectro Cool Cat Series CT-1 Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal

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Danelectro Cool Cat Series CT-1 Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal
The Cool Cat Tremolo is a classic reborn, recreating one of the first electric guitar effects from the 50’s with a modern twist.
DEPTH: Controls the intensity of the Tremolo in Soft mode, from minimum (fully counter-clockwise) to maximum (fully clockwise). When the Hard /Soft control is set to Hard, the Depth control is disabled.
HARD / SOFT: This rotary switch has two positions, Hard and Soft, and it effects the shape of the tremolo’s modulation. Soft is the sound of a traditional tube amp tremolo, characterized by a gentle, rounded rise and fall of your guitar’s volume. Hard is more abrupt – the rise and fall is replaced by more of an on / off motion. Selecting Hard disables the Depth control.
SPEED: This controls the speed of the Tremolo, from minimum (fully counter-clockwise) to maximum (fully clockwise). The Speed control will have no effect unless the Depth control is set higher than minimum (off), or the Hard / Soft control is set to Hard.
BYPASS: The true bypass footswitch engages and disengages the pedal.
(Remember, these are only starting points.)
(Angst and tension. And drama. Kind of like being a teenager.)
  • Depth – (no effect when set to Hard)
  • Hard Speed – 3:30 – 4:00 position
"Cali Contemplation"
(Ok, here’s the scene: Zuma Beach in late August, the sun has set, everyone’s sitting around a bonfire, you fire up your Tremolo, add a little reverb.... You do have ac power at your beaches, don’t you??)
  • Depth – 12:00 position
  • Soft Speed – 12:30 – 1:00 position
"Spy Movie"
(May require a baritone guitar, reverb, and a flat 5 Major 7th chord...)
  • Depth – 2:30 position
  • Soft Speed – 2:00 position