Danelectro Cool Cat Series CC-1 Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

UPC: 00611820001278
Danelectro Cool Cat Series CC-1 Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal
The Cool Cat Chorus gives you all of the classic chorus sounds, and more - with more control than you’ve had before.
DEPTH: Controls the intensity of the Chorus, from minimum (fully counter-clockwise) to maximum (fully clockwise). The Depth control interacts with the Speed control in this fashion: slower speed settings can take higher depth settings. As Speed increases, Depth may need to be reduced. Higher settings may cause light-headedness!
SPEED: Controls the speed of the Chorus, from minimum (fully counter-clockwise) to maximum (fully clockwise). This control will have no effect unless the Depth control is set higher than minimum (off).
MIX / EQ: These controls are stacked, the inner control adjusts mix and the outer control adjusts chorus eq. (These controls have no effect unless the pedal is on.) Turning the Eq knob can be tricky, here’s how to do it: turn both knobs at the same time until the Eq is where you want it, then adjust the Mix control. When the Mix control is fully counter-clockwise, there is no chorus effect – it’s 100% dry. When the Mix control is set to maximum, all you’ll hear is the effected signal – 100% wet. By setting this control in-between minimum and maximum you can choose the perfect dry to wet ratio. A normal setting would be at 12:00 (50% dry, 50% wet). Lowering the Mix control makes the Chorus more subtle; raising the Mix takes the sound towards vibrato.
The Eq control adjusts to tone of the chorus only, leaving your dry signal unaffected. Think of it as a high frequency roll-off for the wet signal. If the Chorus sounds too “sparkle-y”, try turning down the Eq control.
BYPASS: The true bypass footswitch engages and disengages the pedal.
(Remember, these are just starting points.)
For a Classic Chorus sound, simply set all controls to 12:00. This may cause complaints from your band, as the Classic Chorus sound has been used to extremes. Let’s be a bit more creative:
“Sky Blue Sky”
(Great for rhythm players, so subtle the band might let you leave it on all night...)
  • Depth – 9:30
  • Speed – 10:30
  • Mix / Eq – 9:30 / Min. (7:00)
(Like a rotating speaker on “fast”, 227 pounds lighter.)
  • Depth – 9:00, may need to be reduced at highest speed setting
  • Speed – 4:30 to Maximum (5:00)
  • Mix / Eq – 12:00 / Wide open (Bonus: change the Mix setting to maximum and you get Vibrato, otherwise known as the difference between a trombone and a lawn mower.)