Customer Praise

"You guys confirmed what I suspected. Guitar Syndicate is awesome! :) Very satisfied and soon-to-be a repeat customer."

- George S., Seattle, WA

"I plan on making all my purchases with you. I will also be spreding the word about Guitar Syndicate, you guys are GREAT!"
- Shortie, Elburn, IL

"Awesome, thanks again! It's perfect going into a music store in this area with a unique selection and helpful staff."
- Kerry L., Kansas City, MO

 "I ordered a rare ESP guitar for an amazingly fair price, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE - guitar was WELL PACKED and arrived ON TIME!! All in all, very positive experience, i give you my full 5 STARS!‎"
- Sebastian, Los Angeles, CA

"Just wanted to say thanks for the deal and great service on the Epiphone Thunderbird I just got from ya off Facebook. Whoever wraps and packs your stuff to ship does a great job!!!  lol  All I had to do was lower the action and tune it up, and it's a rockin little (well...maybe not so bass... thanks again."

- Charlee T.

"I get a good vibe from Guitar Syndicate. I like to support local businesses, but where I love there is only one shop for a hundred miles and the guy doesn't carry any stuff I like. I would like to start giving my business to Guitar Syndicate. I am so sick of the chains!"
- Jesse

"I was in there last night and purchased the Schecter guitar. Thanks so much for working with me on the deal. The gentleman also threw in some new strings for free since the ones on there were a little worn. I really appreciated that!"

- Steve K., Overland Park, KS

"Thanks for hooking us up with the killer delay. Sounded great last night. See you back in Kansas City before the year is out!"

- Pat of Blue Skies For Black Hearts, Portland, OR

"I haven't been down to the shop but I did order a Strap, Stand and Cord. All were much Better Priced than XX and arrived within a couple of Days!! Great Service I'll be buying again!"

- David G., Lee's Summit, MO

"Thank you so much to you & Guitar Syndicate! You are the best! Tuesday is also Ace Frehley's birthday!!!! He grew up in the Bronx not that far away from where I live!!! Thank you again, I can't wait!!!"

- Gary V., Bronx, NY ($250 shopping credit winner)

"Hey, thanks a lot. You're a nice guy. It would be easier to if you guys were jerks, we wouldn't have to worry about offending you!"
- Dealmaker, Denver, CO

"These guys have a great space set up right in the Arts incubator area! It is a gallery experience as well as a music store. They had cool art guitars on display and some cool art by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo! They even custom ordered some upright strings for me!"
- Mark B., El Cerrito, CA

"REALLY!!!! omg!! Dude I'm freaking out!!!"

- Josh R., Las Vegas, NV (Our first Guitar Giveaway winner)

"I wanted to let you know that my guitar arrived and appears to be in great condition. Thank you for your hard work on this despite the complications."
- Adam L., NC

"Great meeting you and talking with you the other day! The bass sounds great. It is so nice to have one on the unit for the guys to use."
- Mike R., Lansing, KS Correctional Facility

"That's AWESOME! I'm stoked. You guys are so awesome, thank you so much for making my day!"
- Trevor F., Lee's Summit, MO (Monthly Giveaway Winner)

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